Our History

Don Bosco the Founder

To ensure that his total dedication to their cause shone through his actions, he based his education on the three great principles of Reason, Faith and Loving-kindness, loving those to whom he dedicated his life as a caring father, and doing everything possible for their welfare. The system of education that emerged from these principles of Don Bosco is popularly known as the Preventive System and is the system that is followed in all the Don Bosco Schools, all over the world. Joseph Zoppi, the Swiss educationist said, “If there ever existed a method of education adapted to inspire confidence and love, it is the method of Don Bosco.” The system aims to create a generation of young men and women steeped not only in sound knowledge-based education but also in a strong value-based education for life.

Don Bosco Society

The Don Bosco Society, variously known as “The Salesians of Don Bosco”, “The Don Bosco Educational Society”, etc., was founded by St John Bosco. Today, the Salesian society has over 32,000 members working in 130 countries. Through a global network of educational and social service organizations which include 14 universities and thousands of schools and social development centres, it attends to the total development of the young. It currently caters to over nine million young people the world over. Because of its reach and expertise in the field of education, the Society enjoys consultancy status at the United Nations.

Don Bosco School and St.Xavier’s School, Harmutty

There exist no confusion regarding the Don Bosco and St.Xavier’s School. St.Xavier’s School is run and administered by Salesians of Don Bosco. Thus the institution is known as Don Bosco and St.Xavier’s School also called famously called ‘Mission Harmutty by the local people of this region, however by large this center is known Don Bosco, Harmutty.

Principal's Desk

We believe in a joyful experiential learning system wherein, each child is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly! At St. Xavier’s School, Harmutty we leave no stone unturned to offer multitudes of opportunities to our children; it is for them to make the most of it. Children should be motivated to grab every opportunity that comes their way which would not only help in their holistic growth but also strengthen their belief in team work, which is important in this fast-paced world. They need to understand the importance of emotional balance, critical thinking, and most importantly accepting failure graciously! It is our strife to endow them with all these qualities and more. We believe in empowering our children in such a manner that they act as representatives of a meaningful and value based society! Our pedagogy which is holistic and comprehensive, complements this. We have a team of fabulous faculty members who display boundless energy and intense commitment which keeps the ethos of our school shining brightly. There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings! One is offered by our loving parents and the other is offered by us. At Saxaha, each day that unfolds, is a wonder and a miracle! When we see our children engaged in multi-skilled activities, we often think: ‘Let us keep alive the child’s in born sense of wonder, let us arouse their curiosity to discover the mystery of the world we live in!’ Thank you all Fr.Tious Varghese SDB (PRINCIPAL)

Our Mission and Vision


The central idea is that a DON BOSCO / the SALESIANS walking with the YOUNG through the world, TOGETHER achieving a VIRTUOUS, KNOWLEDGE-filled EXCELLENCE, gifting them with WISDOM, the goal of HOLISTIC/Integral EDUCATION.  To impart progressive and quality education which takes into account the changing needs of the country and the demands of a competitive society.  To put the students in possession of such skills which will enable them to face life with the confidence and to give a good account of themselves.  To create in the students a concern for fellow human beings and to bring home to them the basic dignity, equality and interdependence of all people.  To help students identify and develop their potential to the maximum extent so that education becomes an on- going process of personality development as well.  Above all, to inculcate in the minds of the children the basic moral values and to make them realize the full import of the maxim; “To fear the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom.”


The distinctive educational philosophy and style of Don Bosco School is expressed by:  A preferential option for young people in need of quality education, providing them with an opportunity to shine out in the society and be catalysts of a better tomorrow  A spirit of family characterized by the presence of teachers and administrators among and for the students  An academic and educative style of relationship founded on reason, Faith and loving kindness  A sustained effort to promote in society formative programmes and integrity of life that impact educative processes as well as strategies and policies for the future.


ACTIVITIES Education being the all-round development of the innate talents of a child,we gives many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra curricular activities. It will also teach him/her the values of cooperation and sportsmanship,making him/her a more disciplined individual. To achieve these aims we have provided facilities for indoor and outdoor games, athletics, and literary and cultural activities.